There’s nothing that can beat the best thing to relax yourself after a long trip with 8 hours almost nonstop with almost no time to break but just sitting in your car. I’ll tell you what?! It’s really tiring! So the best way is to get a nice sleep in of course a comfortable bed. Like this one for instance, SLEEPY is the name, and we’re sure this modern bed design will make you very sleepy and put you at rest. Designed by Angelo Tomaiuolo, produced by Tonin CASA, this contemporary bed is the perfect bed not to just stay in your contemporary bedroom but also for you to actually sleep in.

This king size bed design was said to have wide bas which is upholstered with fabric or eco-leather in different finishes. The wrapping sculptural headboard contributes to its extremely original and unique shape. Production processes studied in order to guarantee each product with the right “dress” and to exalt the organic feel that Sleepy transmits. Like it? I’m sure this alluring bed can be purchased at Tonin CASA.